Vinyl Reviews

WOODY MCBRIDE - Torn EP w/ Adam Jay & DJ Shiva remixes (Internal Error 004)
Watts Music (US Distro): New 12 from Woody McBride, this time out on the Internal Error imprint. After 3 driving, gritty locked grooves, "Torn" lets loose with some unrelenting peaktime techno grooves, with Woody applying some great filters to an already solid outing. 2 remixes come from DJ Shiva and Adam Jay, both of whom take no prisoners as they work over the main floor crowds. The EP is finished of by a bonus track from Woody, which combines some dark stabs and a rumbling bassline with tight beats and more great filters for another techno pleaser. Not to be missed.

Evolving Records (Indianapolis-USA): Two Indianapolis natives team up for 2 hard hitting remixes of this chunky original from McBride. 3 handy lock grooves included as well.

DJ SHIVA VS ADAM JAY - Finality ep (Internal Error 003)
Soul Seduction Records (Austria):
DJ Shiva provides two tracks of original hard techno and Adam Jay remixes both to add his funky techno style and world famous production skills. Vibey, and severe. Easily mixable, main room, peak hour techno.
Planet X Records (NJ-USA): Bangin' floor creations infect while destroying every possible last part of your ear drums, nicey nice.
Watts Music (US Distro): DJ Shiva and Adam Jay combining talents on this new EP from Internal Error. On the a-side, a pair of cuts from DJ Shiva, with both "Borderline Shift" and "The Last Word" thumping peaktime techno winners, and sure to get the floor crowds moving with their driving beats and rumbling basslines. On the flip, Adam Jay reworks both tracks, making them a little moodier thanks to more boom in the bass and heavier kicks on each track. A solid quartet of primetime techno floor killers.
Zion's Gate Records (Seattle-USA): Tough techno with sick edits. Great stuff for a harder floor.
Evolving Records (Indianapolis-USA): Two Indy natives team up for this blistering EP of dancefloor crushing techno.
Wax Addict (Chicago-USA): Techno for the headstrong on this pumped-up four-tracker from Adam Jay and DJ Shiva. This one is relentless from the get-go, offering up a quality selection of hard-hitting rhythmic percussive loops. Lots of stop, starts, drops and rewinds for maximum dancefloor response. All four cuts work great as mixing gear, for the absolute peak hour sets of balls-to-the-wall techno.
L3's Vinyl Reviews (Philly-USA): The originals by DJ Shiva are on the label side – both are hard but maintain that funky edge she is known for. “Borderline Shift” is a awesome huge heavy stomper with ‘the right sound’…forward moving, stopping, starting, changing directions, involving, turning and twisting as you race along this maze. “The Last Word” is a massive hard Wow track with a cool mildly threatening vox sample. The Info side are remixes by Adam Jay who takes them both into harder, darker territory. First, “Borderline Shift” does the bizzness. If the original doesn’t have enough twists ‘n turns for you, then try this! Put it in your portable music player of choice then go for the perfect accompaniment, a ride on “Space Mountain” at Disneyworld! ”The Last Word” is a good alternative to the original when the mood darkens, and the vibe gets more intense.